Afghan govt, Taliban urged to seize opportunity for peace by entering into talks

09 Mar, 2018 11:58 am

UNITED NATIONS (92 News) – Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi on Friday urged the Afghan government and Taliban to come on negotiating table to maintain peace in the region.

Speaking in the UN Security Council, she said that Kabul and Taliban need to know that no one can get victory against each other.

President Ashraf Ghani had made a dignified proposal for talks without preconditions with the Taliban, offering an opportunity to advance a credible peace process, she said adding that the international community too had endorsed the goal of a negotiated settlement through an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned process.

Rejecting allegations of Afghan Ambassador, Maleeha Lodhi said Afghanistan should stop leveling baseless allegations against Pakistan. “Pakistan has flushed out terrorism after seventeen years by fighting war against terrorism, which is being applauded at the international level,” she added.

Pakistan would play its part in fostering such a dignified process, she said, renewing the call for the Taliban to renounce violence and join the peace talks. But the Pakistani envoy also cautioned against the “complex and delicate” task ahead in the war-torn country.

The ambassador went on to say that Pakistan has successfully turned the tide against terrorism by conducting the largest and most sustained anti-terrorism campaign anywhere in the world with the deployment of over 200,000 troops. Now, she said, the threat of terrorism in Pakistan emanates principally from outside its boundaries.

Lodhi further said that the continuing presence of large numbers of terrorist groups and foreign terrorist fighters in Afghanistan pose a threat to the long-term stability of Afghanistan, its neighbors, including Pakistan, and the entire region.




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