Afghan President wants comprehensive dialogue with Pakistan

20 Sep, 2017 9:56 am

NEW YORK (92 News) – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has on Wednesday said that they want comprehensive dialogue with Pakistan.

Addressing the UN General Assembly, Ghani said appealed to Pakistan to work together to curb extremists, seeing an opportunity as the United States sends in more troops.

“I call upon Pakistan to engage with us on a comprehensive state to state dialogue on peace, security and regional cooperation leading to prosperity,” he said.

The Afghan President praised US plans to send thousands more troops to the country amid the longstanding fight against terrorism.

He said that US President Donald Trump’s new Afghan strategy sent a signal to Taliban guerrillas that they cannot win on the field and must negotiate peace. “We welcome this strategy, which has now set us on a pathway to certainty. The Afghan people have looked to the United States for this type of resolve for years,” Ghani said.


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