Aircraft launch attacks on suspected al Qaeda targets in Yemen

03 Mar, 2017 8:24 am

SANAA – Military forces believed to be American launched two attacks on suspected al Qaeda targets in southern Yemen overnight on Friday in what would be the second consecutive day of US raids, witnesses said.

Backed by drones and Apache helicopter, the troops descended on the Wadi Yashbum village in Shabwa province after midnight and engaged suspected al Qaeda militants in a battle that lasted nearly half an hour, the residents said.

One of the targets was the home of Saad Atef, an al Qaeda leader in the area.

The assault included about 10 to 15 airstrikes, some of which hit civilian homes, the residents said. A number of civilians were among the wounded, they added.

Fragments from the strikes hit the home of local southern leader Naser al-Nouba, who told newspaper Aden Press he was about 100m away from the fighting.

About three hours later, residents in the Jabal Mugan area of neighbouring Abyan province also reported strikes by aircraft flying over the area.

Battles between suspected al Qaeda fighters and US soldiers there also lasted about a half hour, and began again around 5am, they said. -Reuters

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