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Alibaba backed Meizu all set to enter Pakistani smartphone market

Alibaba backed Meizu all set to enter Pakistani smartphone market
December 8, 2017 01:14 pm

(92 News Web Desk) Today as we know it, is an evolution of yesterday.What is trending today most likely will become obsolete tomorrow. This is especially true in the technology and communications sector. Which is exactly the reason why the mobile segment, in recent years, has become exciting for people. Smartphones have become an integral part of everyday lifestyles,replacing our watches, diaries, video game consoles, landline handsets and cameras. The mobile companies have evolved tremendously over the years, and faced cut-throat competition amongst themselves, hence creating the necessity of constant innovation. Mobile phone companies bring new innovations with time while the consumers welcome the innovations and adapt to them swiftly. Meizu backed by Allibaba, is a Chinese marvel which officially began its smartphone manufacturing in 2007 after realizing the need and appreciation of the mobile phone industry. In the recent two years, Meizu kept growing rapidly resulting in a sales revenue of 3 billion in 2016. After success around the globe, Meizu has, just recently, spread its wings much further by investing in the Pakistani market and aiming to get bigger with the backing of its energetic and dedicated team.Thefounder of Meizu J.Wong, with his creative concepts,began initially with MP3 players till the product became successful in their own category. This led to the launch of smartphones from their model M8 which served as the first touchscreen phone in China of its time. M9 followed with retina display, MX with dual-core MX2 & MX3 with thin bezel boundary and MX4 Pro with front fingerprint identification. These successful inventions caught the attention ofAlibaba who invested an estimated $590 million in Meizu to acquire an undisclosed stake in the organization. After witnessing the success of Meizu, Alibaba developed a keen interest in the organization and began investing heavily in Meizu’s growth. This business deal between the two organizations will serve great purpose of both of them. With Alibaba providing resources and essential support in E-commerce, internet, mobile internet services, data analysis and other aspects while Meizu will extend Ali Baba’s mobile internet advantages in the promotion of its smartphones. Meizu in its products pays great attention to Design, Manufacturing, innovation and fore mostly; Quality.Meizu is entering Pakistan with M6, M6 note, Pro 7and  Pro 7 plus with dual LCD.

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