Ambulance driver makes surprising revelations in Irshad Ranjhani murder case

09 Apr, 2019 9:57 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – The ambulance driver has made surprising revelations in Irshad Ranjhani murder case on Tuesday.

The driver disclosed that accused Rahim Shah again opened fire on the injured Irshad Ranjhani while victim was being rushed to hospital.

The investigation officer presented the final challan of Irshad Ranjhani murder case in the Anti-Terrorism Court according to which the ambulance driver who was shifting Irshad Ranjhani to hospital, has told that injured Irshad Ranjhani was first shifted to police station and then he was being taken to hospital in the ambulance along with inspector Ali Gohar when accused Rahim Shah appeared before the vehicle.Rahim Shah said to stopped the ambulance and again opened fire at Irshad Ranjhani.

The ambulance driver further said that as Rahim Shah opened fire on injured Ranjhani, the police officer who was also there in the ambulance ordered me to remain silence and keep moving towards hospital.Accused Rahim Shah managed to flee on the motorcycle.

When we reached hospital, Ranjhani had succumbed to wounds, the driver added.

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