Amir Khan slams wife and family over ‘childish behavior’

14 Dec, 2016 10:44 am

LONDON (92 News) – Boxer Amir Khan has spoken out against his wife and family for their “childish behaviour” after a recent series of public rows and tiffs between those closest to him.

Boxer Amir Khan, currently in Houston to attend a fund-raising event, gets questioned by am an inquisitive journalist about the recent outburst by wife Faryal Makhdoom regarding his family.

At this point, he broke his silence about the whole saga and replied in a casual manner: “I think it was something that was just taken out of context really. You know … Faryal had said something and my sister has something and people just added the two, three things to it.”

Amir then adds: “To be honest with you, they’re cool with each other. Everyone has a little bit of a problem in the family.

“My parents are my parents and my wife is my wife. Whatever misunderstanding has happened they should keep it private,” Khan said. He went on: “This is getting to the point where they will lose a son & a husband. Childish behavior. Both parties need to stop this.”

In an interview with the Sun on Sunday, Makhdoom claimed that Khan’s family bullied her because they disagreed with her “modern” lifestyle.

Khan’s parents came out on Monday to say that they had treated Makhdoom “as our own daughter” and that the disputes centre on how Makhdoom chooses to dress. “The allegations of violence are untrue and completely unfounded,” said a statement from Khan’s father.

“Faryal was adopting a dress code which in the Islamic faith was not acceptable,” he said, adding that he had “never dictated” to Faryal how she should dress but that he had “raised concerns with my son Amir Khan.”

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