Anne Hathaway back in ‘Colossal’ independent comedy

06 Apr, 2017 6:01 pm

LOS ANGELES -Anne Hathaway has ventured back into independent cinema to star in one of the quirkiest films of the year, “Colossal”, which she refuses to categorize.

“I think it’s all genres and none”, she said, in a viewpoint similar to how she sees her role in the movie.

“The thing I loved about Gloria was she’s just a mess, she’s human, she’s lost, and smart, and sweet, and compassionate and foolish, and just really, really alive and figuring it out”, Hathaway said.

In “Colossal”, Hathaway stars as Gloria, whose life is spiraling out of control after her drinking gets too much for her boyfriend, played by Dan Stevens, and she finds herself having to return to her hometown from New York.

There, she reconnects with an old friend of hers, Oscar, played by Sudeikis. However, when a monster begins a rampage through Seoul, Gloria begins to believe that the monster’s life is connected to hers.

The film is directed by Spanish writer, director and actor Nacho Vigalondo and has been a film festival favorite, showing at Toronto, Sundance and San Sebastian.

“Colossal” is on limited release in the United States from April 7. -Reuters

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