As Mexico-US talks progress, markets rise on hopes a deal could be close

us emergency mexico city border migration tariff
07 Jun, 2019 8:06 am

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Mexican and US officials held a second day of talks on trade and migration with markets rebounding on optimism a deal could be close, although it was unclear if Mexican pledges to curb migration flows were enough to persuade the Trump administration to postpone tariffs.

US President Donald Trump has warned that tariffs of 5% on all Mexican exports to the United States will go into effect on Monday if Mexico does not step up efforts to stem an increase in mostly Central American migrants heading for the US border.

Bilateral talks in Washington began on Wednesday to attempt to strike a deal, with the Mexican government, US business groups and even many of Trump’s fellow Republicans keen to avert the tariffs, the prospect of which has rattled global financial markets.

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