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Asad Umar replaced with PPP’s former finance minister: Khursheed Shah

Asad Umar replaced with PPP’s former finance minister: Khursheed Shah
April 24, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Responding to former finance eminister Asad Umar, Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) stalwart Khursheed Shah termed that Asad Umar was sacked form his designation after declaring ‘failed and incompetent’. Addressing a National assembly session, the PPP leader slammed incumbent government and said that the government appointed PPP’s former finance minister Shaikh Hafeez as finance adviser. “How can they compete with us,” said Khursheed Shah adding, “PPP has big difference of class with the PTI’ [Kaha Raja Bhoj, Kaha Gangu Telee]. We are bright and the PTI is darkness.” Khursheed Shah has demanded to try Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan under Article 6. He expressed resentment over PM’s statement, in which he said Tehran had suffered terrorism from groups operating within Pakistan. He said that PM wanted to contact Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi but he didn’t respond to his calls. We are brighter side of Pakistani politics and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is darker one, he added.
Sacked incompetent minister now lecturing us: Bilawal
Responding to the former finance minister, PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari tweeted, "Former finance minister who was removed because his own PM said he removed incompetent ministers, is now lecturing us about how PPP's economic policies were flawed. Obviously, Imran Khan doesn’t agree as he appointed President Zardari’s finance minister as incompetent Asad’s replacement."
Storm of criticism in social media over PM’s statement calling out Bilawal ‘Sahiba’
Following to the statement of Prime Minister Imran Khan at South Waziristan – in which he called Bilwal Bhutto ‘Sahiba’ – the social media users and politicians started to crtiticize the prime minister. It is worth mention here that Irman Khan said in his statement, “I have come in politics after a lot of struggle, not like Bilawal Bhutto ‘Sahiba’,” According to the reports, the storm of criticism has been surfaced soon after the video clip of Imran Khan’s speech at public gathering viral on the social media. The video clip of him saying this spread quickly across social media and people criticised him for not maintaining grace on the twitter. One micro blogging user named as Jamshed said, “A Misogynist and so utterly condemnable statement by pm against @BBhuttoZardari calling him sahiba . PM’s in dire need of training into gender and conflict sensitive communication which I can offer him to save the image of country from his tongue.