At least nine death-row prisoners hanged in different jails

13 Oct, 2015 11:47 am

LAHORE (92 News) – At least nine death-row prisoners convicted of murder were executed in different jails, while another escaped the noose on Tuesday.

As per details, three death-row prisoners including two brothers Ghulam Haider and Ghulam Sarwar were hanged to death in Bahawalpur Central Jail. The death-row prisoners were convicted of murdering four people.

Two death-row prisoners Shafiq and Akram were hanged to death in New Central Jail Multan. The death-row prisoner Shafiq was convicted of killing a man over resistance in robbery 23 years ago, while death-row prisoner Akram was convicted of killing his relative over property dispute in Lodhran.

Two death-row prisoners Aslam and Azam convicted of killing their relatives were executed in Gujrat District Jail, while a death-row prisoner Ashraf, convicted of murdering a man and his son 12 years ago, was executed in Attock District Jail.

Meanwhile, a death-row prisoner Shahid Ali, convicted of double murder 13 years ago, was executed in Sialkot District Jail.

On the other hand, a death-row prisoner Niaz escaped the noose in Gujrat District Jail.

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