Australia votes in favour of governance reforms, ends power struggle

02 Oct, 2018 10:11 am

MELBOURNE (Reuters) – The Australian FA voted in a package of governance reforms at an Extraordinary General Meeting on Tuesday, ending a protracted power struggle that threatened the national side’s Asian Cup title defence.

Football Federation Australia (FFA) had been at loggerheads with professional clubs over the governance of the game in Australia, with world governing body FIFA stepping in last year in a bid to end a two-year dispute over membership of the national Congress.

“We are relieved that this issue has been resolved and a unified decision has been made,” players’ union boss John Didulica said in a statement.

FFA Chairman Steve Lowy is set to appear at a media conference on Tuesday.

Failure to pass the reforms could have paved the way for a FIFA takeover of the national game and Australia’s suspension from FIFA-sanctioned tournaments.

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