Beekeeping business empowers women in northern India

25 Jul, 2015 2:44 pm

MORADABAD – A young woman in India’s northern Moradabad city has made beekeeping a thriving venture as she has made women of the neighbouring areas financially independent by employing them in the business of honey production.

In the process of looking after hives, 23-year-old Madhu of Narangpur village in Chhajlet town has made women self sufficient, which has helped them further in pursuing higher education.

The group of 12 members involved in apiculture makes honey, wax, nectar and royal jelly.

“We produce five to 10 quintals of honey annually. People coming from Amroha, Moradabad and Delhi buy honey from us. The foreigners also buy our products,” said Madhu.

The women who created a self-finance group with their own savings have now made their village famous in the world.

Their houses are even visited by the foreigners to buy honey and wax.

The women were helped by Prathama Bank – a regional rural bank of India – to export their products overseas and create an identity for themselves.

Chairman of Prathama Bank, V. K. Arora, said their bank aided Madhu and her group for the business.

“Today the group is earning really well and they have full time job. This is also an inspiration for the men and women in the neighbouring areas,” he said.

Madhu, who left her education after class 8 due to financial constraints, chose to supervise bees and learn the craft of making honey as she wanted to do something unique.

After training herself to become a beekeeper, she trained other women to empower them.

Beekeeping as an agriculture-based livelihood requires low inputs and yields high profits.

Madhu has also been awarded by Indian government for her skills in the field. -Reuters

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