Biometric SIMS used in recent attack on Chinese consulate: CTD incharge

06 Dec, 2018 10:09 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – In the recent investigations, Sindh Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) chief Raja Umer revealed that fake SIMS, which were registered on biometric, were used by the terrorists during attack on the Chinese Consulate.

During a press briefing to the journalists, the CTD in-charge revealed that the terrorists has put out the solution of biometric registered sims, which are being considered to be one of the very safe options to get sim cards.

It is pertinent to mention here that the biometric sims include CNIC details along with finger print so there was a very little to no chance of them being used illegally, obviously no criminal would use a sim that would be registered on his own name.

CTD Chief Raja Umer has revealed some shocking things about the sim business. He said that almost all the mobile network companies set up stalls on the road with employees who are given a certain target to achieve in terms of number of sim cards activated.

“The employees take biometric details of citizens and then say that they are unable to find their record. A sim card is then activated on the saved data of any random citezen’s details and the sims are then sold to terrorists,” the CTD in-charge added.

Raja Umer Khattab also said that the investigation has revealed when they reached the registered owners of sim cards that were used in recent attack on Chinese consulate and Baluchistan, the owners had no idea about those sim cards.

Sindh CTD Chief Raja Umer said that the Pakistani telecom SIMs are being sold illegally in Afghanistan, adding that the fake sims are being used by terrorists as per the recent investigation.

Meanwhile, the CTD chief warned the citizens that the person who use the sim purchased by the franchise or agent would be considered the facilitator.

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