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Both 'selectors, 'selected' getting nervous from PDM rally in Multan: Abbasi

Both 'selectors, 'selected' getting nervous from PDM rally in Multan: Abbasi
November 30, 2020

Speaking to the journalists, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that the people's trust on all institutions is going to end. "No one can tell about even a single positive work done by Imran Khan's government," he added.

He said that the government is not aware of any inconvenience to the citizens."The government's focus is only on making false cases against the opposition. LNG has lost Rs122 billion due to untimely contracts. In two and a half years, the government has not done a single positive thing," he added.

"It is a simple change that the country should run according to the constitution. Let all the institutions of the country properly work in their orbits. Every institution of the government should act in accordance with the constitution."

Government is out of breath

On the other hadn, PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal said that the revengeful actions are being taken in Multan due to development work until 2018. "Anyone who contributed to this development is being imprisoned today. Those who ruined this development are flying around today. Pakistan is heading for economic collapse," he mentioned.

"The PDM will send the 'selected' government to home. The government is out of breath, its legs are shaking," he said.