Boy rescued from rubble after five days in quake-hit Nepal

30 Apr, 2015 10:42 pm

KATHMANDU – Doctors in Kathmandu say they are amazed by the good health of a 15-year-old boy pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building where he was trapped for five days after Saturday’s earthquake.

Pema Lama is lucky to be alive. He’s recovering at a hospital in Kathmandu, after spending 144 hours trapped in the rubble of a Hilton Hotel.

Fully concious when discovered by rescuers, Lama was pulled from beneath the debris, emerging to a heros’ welcome.

15-year-old earthquake survivor, Pema Lama, said: “When the earthquake came, we were on the ground floor eating. Then I got hit on my chin and when I tried to come out I was trapped.”

Doctors say they are amazed by Lama’s condition. “He was quite well, surprisingly quite well, very communicative, talk to us. Being five days without food and without water, it was amazing the way he survived.”

But Pema Lama’s story is rare good news in Nepal this week. The death toll from the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake has climbed to nearly 5,500.

As rescue teams continue to scour the wreckage, officials say the chances of finding more survivors — like Lama — are quickly fading. –Reuters


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