British soul singer Kwabs draws from life events for debut album

07 Sep, 2015 10:56 pm

LONDON – British soul singer Kwabs topped charts across Europe with his hit single ‘Walk’ last year.

And he’s kept fans waiting until now for his debut album, ‘Love + War’.

Singer Kwabs says: “Yeah it has been a while coming. I have been working on trying to make the album that represents me the best possible at this time and I feel like I finally found a bunch of songs, a collection of songs which really are emblematic of what I’m trying to say right now, at 25.”

Performing at London’s iconic Somerset House as part of their Summer Series, he gave the audience a taster of what is to come.

Kwabs says: “‘Love and War’ is the title track of the album, obviously, and it’s just a song talking about – all the stuff that you hide inside your head and how that affects you and affects other people and it drives you crazy but that’s how, that’s fine. It’s kind of a big song. It sounds big and grand and I guess that’s kind of what a lot of the album feels like. It’s a bit of explosion of emotion in a way.” –Reuters

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