Brussels cancels New Year’s festivities due to terrorism threat

31 Dec, 2015 10:27 am

BRUSSELS (92 News) – Security is being stepped up in major European countries ahead of New Year celebrations, with authorities in Belgium announced that the annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display in Brussels has been canceled due to threats of terrorism during the event.

Evidently, the recent arrests of two men suspected of planning one such attack in the city did not assuage safety concerns. The Belgian prime minister alluded to new “information” as the reason for the decision.

New Year fireworks and festivities have been cancelled in the Belgian capital Brussels because of an alert. Extra measures will also be in place in cities including Paris, London, Berlin and Moscow. Meanwhile in Turkey, security services say they have thwarted a major plot to attack celebrations in Ankara.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said the Brussels decision had been taken “given information we have received”. Last year 100,000 people turned out in Brussels to welcome in the New Year. “In these circumstances, we can’t check everyone,” Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur said.

Earlier in the week, police arrested two people suspected of planning attacks during the festive season and seized propaganda for so-called Islamic State (IS) as well as military clothing and computer equipment. Belgium has been on high alert since the terror attacks of 13 November in Paris. Several of the perpetrators are thought to have been based in Belgium.

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