China to phase out conventional fuel-powered vehicle production

10 Sep, 2017 2:37 pm

BEIJING (Reuters) – China is drawing a plan to phase out production of conventional fuel-powered vehicles, said Xin Guobin, the country’s Industry and Information Technology vice minister, at a forum on Chinese auto industry in north China’s Tianjin.

“Some nations have worked out their timetables to stop conventional vehicles production. Currently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has also activated relevant research to cooperate with some relevant authorities to work out China’s schedule. This move will surely bring profound changes to the environment and power of the auto industry in China,” Xin said at the 2017 International Forum on Chinese Automotive Industry Development.

Xin said sales of new energy vehicles in China exceeded 500,000 in 2016 and the country is working on a policy to further boost their development.

Meanwhile, Xin pointed out some problems occurred in China’s auto industry.

He said the first one is unchecked and uncoordinated boom of new energy vehicle manufacturing factories.

“The new energy vehicle industry has made great progress in recent years, but the problem of structural overproduction has emerged, which must be paid attention to and prevented with measures,” said Xin.

Xin said other problems include lack of innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction and strategic transformation.

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