China rejects Indian criticism on NSG membership

30 Jun, 2016 10:01 am

BEIJING (92 News) – China has on Thursday rejected Indian criticism regarding its membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, saying that by cozying up to India, Washington’s India policy actually serves the purpose of containing China but New Delhi must know that the US is not the whole world.

China had rejected bending rule for India to join Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and India declared China responsible after which Indian political parties and media criticized China.

According to an editorial of Chinese official newspaper, India is not a signatory to the NPT, but is the most active applicant to join the NSG. Before the Seoul meeting, the Indian media played up the prospects of its bid. Some even claim that among the 48 members of the NSG, 47 have given it a green light, except China.

The editorial further stated that China’s action is based on international norms, but India’s reaction seems to indicate that their national interests can override principles recognized by the world.

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