China’s trade surplus with US widens to $22.19 billion in April

08 May, 2018 10:16 am

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s trade surplus with the United States widened to $22.19 billion (16.4 billion pounds) in April, from $15.43 billion in March, customs data showed on Tuesday.

For January-April, China’s trade surplus with the United States was $80.4 billion.

The world’s two largest economies have threatened each other with tens of billions of dollars’ worth of tariffs in recent months, leading to worries that Washington and Beijing may engage in a full-scale trade war that could damage global growth and roil markets.

The Trump administration has drawn a hard line in trade talks, demanding a $200 billion cut in the Chinese trade surplus with the United States, sharply lower tariffs and advanced technology subsidies.

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