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CJP says beggary insult for Dams Fund unfair

CJP says beggary insult for Dams Fund unfair
September 11, 2018
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar termed on Tuesday that beggary insult for collecting Dams Fund inequitable. During the hearing of different cases, remarking on the dam fund, the chief justice expressed anger at those criticising it. “Those who are Criticising that we are begging money for the construction of Diamer, Bhasha, and Mohmand Dam should be ashamed of their thinking,” CJP Nisar remarked. Replying the criticizers, the top judge said that they started work for the construction of dam in the name of patriotism. He also remarked that the court should not be defamed on the TV channels without any reason. “When the opponents could not find anything else to criticise so they started pointing fingers at the construction of the dam,” he said. “Working on a self-help basis in not begging,” he added. “We started this good cause with the national spirit but some narrow-minded people are accusing us of begging,” the CJP further said. “Helping yourself is not begging, those who are saying such things should be ashamed,” CJP added. Saqib Nisar mentioned that the contractor of development works gave offer to construct dam in 25 per cent low cast from the original cast. “I directed to contractor for giving complete cost in written form after calculations.” The CJP informed that funds were spent on dams through committee, adding that the committee will be announced tomorrow after consultations with all members. Remarking about the tax deduction from mobile cards case, the top judge questioned why the government did not legislate till now. He further said that those taxes have not come in the net, asking why the taxes taking from them. The chief justice told that all cases should be appointed on the basis of merit. The court demanded a list from FBR regarding the twenty cases related to the billions of tax.