Coffee intake reduces endometrial cancer risk by 18%: study

10 Feb, 2015 6:46 pm

(Web Desk) – A recent study has revealed that drinking about four cups of coffee daily can be useful to lower the risk of endometrial cancer by 18%.

The team for the study was led by Melissa Merritt, a research fellow in cancer epidemiology at Imperial College London in England.

The study was based on an experiment performed on around 456,000 women. They kept the track record of diets and eating habits of women and found that out of these women more than 2,800 were diagnosed with endometrial cancer. The team evaluated the women on 84 foods and nutrients.

The experiment concluded that four cups of coffee per day had 18% lower risk of cancer in comparison to women who drank less than a cup daily.

The researchers found a link between coffee and lower risk of endometrial cancer but not a cause-and-effect relationship. The news is good for the coffee lovers but American Cancer Society has debated it.

Merritt said, “We used similar methods to investigate the association between coffee intake and endometrial cancer as previous studies”.

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