Concern over presence of animals’ corpses in Keenjhar Lake

20 Dec, 2015 10:40 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – Citizens have expressed their concern over presence of animals’ corpses in the Keenjhar Lake.

The lake, the biggest reservoir for providing water to Karachi and Thattha, has been contaminated by factories’ effluents.

Keenjhar Lake is located 122km away from Thattha and water is supplied to residents of Thattha and Karachi.

Sources revealed that the bodies of jackals, pigs, buffaloes and other animals could be seen entangled in the Keenjhar Lake’s B Feeder Regulator.

They said that stench from the stagnant water had made it impossible for people to stand there.

They said that the factories were continuously disposing of waste water in the lake.

They said that people were contracting different diseases by consuming contaminated water.

When contacted, the Karachi commissioner said that running water is always clean.

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