Country being become bankrupt due to govt’s incompetence: Bilawal

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09 May, 2019 8:15 pm

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto said on Thursday that 18th amendment not turned the government bankrupt, rather it’s the government’s incompetence which has made them reach this stage.

Addressing a National Assembly session, Bilawal Bhutto raised the issue of the 18th constitutional amendment; he said ‘when the government fails to properly govern and tax they start blaming the 18th amendment.’

“The 18th amendment has not turned the federation bankrupt, rather it’s the government’s incompetence which has made them reach this stage,” the young parliamentarian lashed out.

Common man drowning in Tsunami of inflation

Lashing out at incumbent government, the PPP chairman said that inflation has reached a new high and common man is drowning in the Tsunami of inflation.

“The government has dropped a 9 rupee petrol bombshell on the people of the country, It has failed to tax the rich and provide to the poor,” he said in conclusion.

The PPP chairman said that how the current price hikes and economic crisis situation has negatively impacted the middle and lower strata of the population.

“If someone protests against inflation, they are thrown behind bars, what sort of a ‘Naya Pakistan’ is this? If the federation has failed in collecting taxes than they should try and learn from Sindh government,” he continued.

“The government should focus on doing what they have been elected for rather than indulging in NAB cases, fake FIR’s and jailing those in opposition,” he added.

Current government seems to be IMF

“What is happening in the country nowadays seems like an exchange between IMF and IMF”, he said while criticizing government’s approval of the International Monetary Funds’ (IMF) terms and conditions levied on the country.

Taking a shot at the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan he said: “Our prime minister was present in the assembly today, we hoped that he would shed a light on the recent developments and will answer the questions on everyone’s mind but that didn’t happen.”

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