Corrupt leader corrupts system as well, says Imran Khan

19 May, 2016 6:33 pm

BHIMBER (92 News) – PTI chairman Imran Khan has said that a corrupt leader corrupts the system as well.

Addressing a meeting in Bhimber on Thursday, he said that the rulers got a loan of Rs 5,000 billion during the last three years, while the loan of each Pakistani had increased to Rs 120,000.

The PTI chairman said that a corrupt minister and a secretary were appointed in the energy sector in order to make money.

He said that about US$200 billion was lying abroad. “How will Nawaz Sharif bring other’s money in the country when his money is abroad?” he questioned.

The PTI chairman said that a half of population is living below the poverty line.

He said that people wanted to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state. “The rulers have made us slaves, while they themselves are slaves to the money,” he said, adding that the rulers had taken loans for themselves, not the public.

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