Crime has been controlled to a large extent in Karachi after operation, says AIG Mushtaq Mehr

05 Sep, 2015 6:34 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – Crime has been controlled to a large extent after the operation while hundreds of criminals have been brought to justice during the last two years.

This was stated by Additional IG Mushtaq Mehr and Rangers’ Col Amjad during a joint press conference on Saturday.

AIG Mushtaq Mehr said that 8-10 people were killed daily before the Karachi operation. “After the operation, target killing, extortion and kidnap for ransom incidents have reduced by 70 percent,” he said.

He said that 332 police jawans had sacrificed their lives.

Mushtaq Mehr said that sleeper cells of terrorists still existed. “The operation will continue till the elimination of terrorists.”

The AIG said that the criminals’ data was being compiled and important cases were being sent to military courts. “Mobile phone snatching incidents are a challenge. CCTV cameras are being installed in affected areas,” he said.

Col Amjad said that 6,081 operations were conducted during the two years. “913 terrorists, 334 extortionists and 650 target killers have been arrested, while a large number of weapons have been seized,” he disclosed.

He said that the operation had played an important role in restoring peace in Karachi. “The operation will continue till elimination of terrorism and unrest,” he said.

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