Cybercrime awareness, prevention seminar held at TUF Amin Campus

Cybercrime TUF The University of Faislabad
17 Jan, 2019 6:05 pm

FAISLABAD (92 News) – The “Cybercrime Public Awareness and Prevention” seminar was held at The University of Faisalabad (TUF) Amin Campus on Thursday.

The seminar was conducted by the TUF Computer Science Department, in which, the student was informed about the positive use of social media and how to prevent cybercrime issues.

 Cybercrime  TUF  The University of Faislabad     In the seminar, the speakers have provided useful information based lectures which the participants heard attentively.

 Cybercrime  TUF  The University of Faislabad

Board of Governors (BOGs) Chairman Haider Amin, Advocate Zain Qureshi, and Additional Registrar Dr Najeeb Haider among the students of Computer Science Department attended the seminar.

 Cybercrime  TUF  The University of Faislabad

Meanwhile, the speakers delivered the lectures related to cybercrime awareness and prevention. In the lectures, the speakers said that the use of social media in modern times has been become so common same like blood in veins.

 Cybercrime  TUF  The University of Faislabad

“It is important to know that how can we secure our accounts and important information, they also informed the participants.

 Cybercrime  TUF  The University of Faislabad

The speakers further informed that the unusual carelessness can become cause of lifetime regret. However, the students have heard all the information very attentively.

 Cybercrime  TUF  The University of Faislabad

On the other hand, the participants said that such seminars are the need of hour for securing the use of social media. The University of Faisalabad has conducted seminar of cybercrime awareness and prevention for this purpose.

Earlier, Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar inaugurated the University of Faisalabad sub-campus on Bhobatian Road, Lahore. Several social personalities participated in the inaugural ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar said that the education sector faces several problems which have to be resolved. “I visited classrooms, met female students and liked environment here,” he said.

The governor said that facilities being provided here are good. He congratulated the UAF administration on its inauguration.

During impressive ceremony of the 6th convocation of TUF and fifth convocation of University’s Medical and Dental College in Sargodha Road Campus, the Punjab governor who was the chief guest, awarded certificates to 1,371 and 115 medals to graduates.

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