Defence Ministry seeks polling scheme from ECP

21 Jun, 2018 3:35 pm

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – The Ministry of Defence on Thursday has asked the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to provide polling scheme of the coming elections before the approval of deployment 350,000 troops.

According to the sources, the Defence ministry will decide to deploy the army after getting the polling scheme of general election 2018. The sources also told that the Defence Ministry has not received the ECP’s request to deployment of troops on election yet.

The ministry further said that the ECP has to inform about the most sensitive polling stations. It has also mentioned that all the matters will be overviewed for deployment 350,000 army personnel.

Earlier, the ECP requested from Defence Ministry to deployment of 350,000 troops for election duties. Though the army has been deployed to secure the general elections before, such a high number has never been seen earlier.

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