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Dengue is out of control in Rawalpindi, Islamabad

Dengue is out of control in Rawalpindi, Islamabad
September 15, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Dengue is out of control in Islamabad and Rawalpindi as the cases crossed than 2048 in Rawalpindi. According to the details garnered, over 90 people were hospitalised with the Dengue virus in the past 24 hours in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This is in spite of the government spraying areas with mosquito repellent. Sources said that the district administration of Rawalpindi forwarded a detailed report to the Punjab government over the outspread of dengue fever among the citizens. The report signalled spread of the mosquito-borne disease as 548 cases were reported in last week and 84 people confirmed with the virus during the last 24 hours in Rawalpindi district. At least three people were confirmed with dengue fever during the last seven day in Attock district and 2 in Jhelum and one in Chakwal as per the statistics of the report. It may be noted here that a district magistrate had imposed Section 144 to deal with the outbreak of deadly dengue virus in the federal capital Islamabad on September 12. Under Section 144, tyre shop owners will not be allowed to put tyres in front of their shops and denizens will have to take precautionary measures while watering plants to prevent the spread of the mosquito-borne disease. The district magistrate warned that any violation of the section would entail legal action. Since January 1, 1,950 people have been infected and two have died. Many cases are being reported from Rawalpindi’s Airport Housing Society and its surrounding areas. Medical experts warn that this number could rise as more cases are being reported. DHQ Hospital’s Dr Imran Ali said that there are 151 people admitted to the hospital of which 102 have tested positive for dengue. He said more patients are being admitted every day. The number of patients at all three allied hospitals in the city is also rising and patients say they need better facilities. They say right now, it’s four patients to a single bed. On September 13, eighteen more patients tested positive for dengue in Swat. The number of patients has increased to 118 in a month. A special ward has been reserved for dengue patients in Saidu Sharif. Patients are facing problems due to unavailability of medicines in hospital.