Divorce lawyers making thousands per case in Saudi Arabia

22 Nov, 2015 4:16 pm

RIYADH (92 News) – Lawyers are making high profit through divorce cases as a single case may cost up to thousands of Saudi Riyals.

The rate of divorce and khula (where a woman petitions the court to get a divorce) has reached to 42 percent in the Kingdom.

“Family lawyers are profiting a lot from specializing in divorce cases. In 2013, there were a total of 44,839 divorce cases and 1,534 khula cases,” said Mullah. He said he no specific statistics about the number of lawyers dealing with divorce cases. He added some lawyers take as much as 50 percent of the settlement amount and some take 100 percent.

“The rate differs depending on the experience and hours of service expected from the lawyers. Some clients hire lawyers to handle the case until they present the case to the court room and others expect the lawyers to handle the case until the divorce deed is issued,” said Mullah.

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