Dollar falls to Rs147.92 after 29-paisa further decrease in interbank market

Dollar, jumps, Rs151.95, 48-paisa, increase, interbank, market
31 May, 2019 12:38 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – The dollar rate was reduced to Rs 147.92 after a further decrease of 29-paisa decrease in the interbank market on Thursday.

In the open market, the dollar price was reduced to Rs149 after a decrease of 30 paisas.

On Thursday, the rupee gained strength as the value of the US dollar further decreased by Rs1.70 in the interbank market. The decline also dictated the open market, forcing the dollar to shed its value by Re0.50 to Rs149.50.

On Wednesday, the value of the dollar established in the interbank market at Rs150.22 — down Rs0.78. It, however, remained stable at Rs150 in the open market. On Tuesday, the US dollar had reached the Rs151 mark in the interbank market, with the rupee falling by Rs1.40, while in the open market, the rupee had slid to Rs150 against the dollar, down Rs0.50 as compared to the previous day.

On Monday, falling demand coupled with a surge in supply had pushed dollar’s price in the open market to Rs149.50 — down half a rupee from the Rs150 rate in the preceding session. In the interbank market, the greenback had been traded at Rs149.60 as compared to Rs150.90 in the earlier session, posting a decline of Rs1.30.

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