ECP allots Lion to PML-N, BAT to PTI & Sword to PPP

29 May, 2018 3:10 pm

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Major political parties of Pakistan have been allotted the electoral symbol of their own choice for the coming general elections.

Pakistan Tehrik-I-Insaf was allotted symbol of bat, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz allotted lion and Pakistan People’s Party was allotted sword. As many as 77 parties have been allotted symbols over which there is no dispute.

Chief Election Commissioner Justice Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan presided over the process of allotting political parties and candidates their electoral symbols and remarked that political parties are eligible for all those electoral symbols over which there is no dispute.

During the process, Pakistan People’s Party was allotted sword, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz was allotted the symbol of lion, Pakistan Tehrik-I-Insaf allotted bat, MQM-Pakistan given kite, Mutahidda Majlid Amal given book, Jamaat-e-Islami given scale, PPP Parliamentarians allotted arrow, while Awami National Party and Awami Muslim League received lantern, and pen and inkpot respectively.

The general elections will be held on July 25. The ECP had asked for applications from all registered political parties for electoral symbols in this regard.

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