Ellen Pao sought $2.7 million to settle Kleiner lawsuit – filing

06 Jun, 2015 6:10 am

Ellen Pao, a former partner at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers, sought a $2.7 million settlement after a jury rejected her claims that the venture capital firm discriminated against her, according to a court filing on Friday.

A San Francisco jury cleared Kleiner Perkins in March of claims it short-circuited Pao’s career because she is a woman, a case that helped spark a wide discussion about gender at the center of the U.S. technology industry. Pao has said she will appeal.

After the verdict, Kleiner sought to recover about $973,000 in litigation costs from Pao, a figure Pao claims is unwarranted. Kleiner offered to waive its costs request if Pao chose not to appeal.

In a court filing on Friday, Kleiner said Pao offered after the verdict to drop the case for $2.7 million. Kleiner spokeswoman Christina Lee said the firm “has no intention of accepting this unreasonable demand.”

A spokeswoman for Pao declined to comment. The $2.7 million figure was earlier reported by tech website Re/code. – REUTERS

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