Faisalabad protests against unannounced load-shedding: Short-fall reaches 5,000 MW

19 Apr, 2015 4:03 pm

FAISLABAD (92 News) – Residents protested against unannounced load-shedding on Sunday at Sheikhupura Road.

According to details, a huge number of people from several villages burnt tires and blocked the road for traffic. They also chanted slogans against the government calling for an end to difficulties due to 12 to 15 hours load-shedding in their areas. “We demand the government to solve the matter as early as possible,” they said.

Meanwhile, power shortfall reached a staggering 5,000MW due to lack of fuel to run fuel-powered generating units, raising fears of increased load-shedding across the country.

As per reports, power plants have refused to generate electricity on LNG. On the other hand, no official deals have been made to purchase furnace oil. This situation forecast increased spans of load-shedding across the country in the coming days.


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