Fawad urges India to hold plebiscite in Occupied Kashmir

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11 Mar, 2019 5:03 pm

ISLAMABAD ((2 News) – Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry urged India to hold plebiscite in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) on Monday.

The information minister took his twitter and he said that 700,000 Indian soldiers had been deployed in Occupied Kashmir which means each soldier for ten Kashmiris.

Fawad also said that India doesn’t have courage to hold elections despite spending billions of rupees on security in occupied Kashmir. “When the situation is so abysmal, India should leave the stubbornness and moved towards the plebiscite,” he advised.

Fawad says won’t allow India to cast evil eye on Pakistan

Earlier, Fawad Chaudhry has said that Pakistan and its armed forces are standing by the side of peace and they will not allow India or anyone else to cast an evil eye on Pakistan.

Addressing a public gathering, Fawad said that Pakistan is a peace loving country and it has always condemned terrorism even if it happens in India.

Nation stands shoulder to shoulder with PM Imran, Army

The minister said that the nation stood shoulder to shoulder with Prime Minister Imran Khan and the armed forces. He also said Prime Minister Imran Khan, just after taking oath of his office, has invited India to take one step towards peace and Pakistan will take tow in that direction. He said Pakistan is still standing by the offer made by Imran Khan.

Imran Khan should be awarded Nobel prize for peace

Fawad Chaudhry said Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts for peace have earned commendations across the globe. He said Imran Khan should be awarded Nobel prize for peace due to his efforts for stability and tranquility in the region.

PTI can’t compromise on accountability process

Regarding internal political situation, the minister said PTI has no enmity with the opposition, but it will not compromise the accountability process. He said those, who have looted Pakistan’s wealth will have to give answer about their plunder.

Fawad terms PML-N doing politics on health of Nawaz Sharif

The information minister said it is unfortunate that a faction within PML-N is doing politics on Nawaz Sharif’s health. He said the government has offered Nawaz Sharif to get his treatment at any health facility in Pakistan and we are also ready to facilitate if the former prime minister wants to invite a doctor, on his own expenses, from abroad. He said politics should not be done on accountability or the health of an individual.

Pakistan on path of development in leadership of Imran Khan

The info minister said Pakistan has started a new journey on the path of development in the leadership of Imran Khan, which will yield good results in all sectors.

Khursheed worries about his own expected imprisonment

Fawad Chaudry that Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) leader Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah was not concerned about Nawaz Sharif’s jail term but he was worried about his own expected imprisonment.



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