Federal wants to occupy Karachi, says Bilawal

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12 Sep, 2019 5:48 pm

HYDERABAD (92 News) – Responding to the statement of Law Minister Farogh Naseem, Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto on Thursday said that the federal government wanted to occupy Karachi city.

Addressing a press conference, Bilawal Bhutto warned, “We will not tolerate conspiracy against Sindh. We will not allow anyone to occupy the provincial resources at any cost.”

Bilawal Bhutto said yesterday the federal minister presented a plan to occupy Karachi. “A conspiracy is being made to destroy Sindh. The MQM-Pakistan should resign,” he added.

“You try to build a narrative against [Indian Prime Minister Narendra] Modi, saying that he unconstitutionally captured Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK), and at the same time you try to occupy Karachi. This is bizzare,” Bilawal said.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan, “who has vowed to protect human rights in IoK, has ripped apart democratic rights of the people of Pakistan. “You want to run Karachi from Islamabad?” he asked.

Bilawal alleged that the federal government is trying to provide gas produced in Sindh to the rest of the country and wants the province’s residents to use expensive LNG gas imported from Qatar.

A day earlier, PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto has said that the government had weakened the Kashmir cause.

Talking to the media after offering condolence on the death of MPA Malik Asad Sikandar on Wednesday, he said that no Pakistani will tolerate government’s negligence on the Kashmir cause. “Incompetent rulers are repeating mistakes,” he said.

He said that the government wants to blackmail the opposition by registering cases against them. “We will not change our stance even though the government jails the leaders,” he added.

Criticizing the government, the PPP chairman said that the prime minister is in habit of taking U-turns.

Bilawal Bhutto said that the PPP will support the protest drive to be launched by JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman. “The puppet prime minister has destroyed economy and he will have to go,” he declared.

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