Gyllenhaal, Watts tackle grief with humor in film ‘Demolition’

22 Mar, 2016 7:42 pm

NEW YORK – Hollywood stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts team up to tell an intimate story of grief mixed with humor in director Jean-Marc Vallée’s latest film “Demolition”.

Vallée, known for “Wild” and “Dallas Buyers Club”, has called the movie his most “rock and roll” film to date, both for its pulsing soundtrack in a film otherwise punctuated by silence and its often provocative and offbeat portrayal of grief.

Gyllenhaal plays a New York investment banker coming to grips with his wife’s sudden death. An unexpected connection with a vending machine company’s customer service employee, played by Watts, eventually helps him express his grief.

“… There are tons of times throughout the movie where you’re laughing,” Gyllenhaal said at the film’s New York premiere on Monday night. “It’s just an awkward journey through a pretty seemingly ordinary situation.”

Watts said her character’s quirky traits blend well within the complexities of the story.

“She’s going through something very different than he is, but yet she also needs a jolt,” she said.

“Demolition” hits cinemas in April. –Reuters

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