Hindu extremists’ frenzy turns into terrorism: Two Dalit children burnt alive by Thakurs in Faridabad

20 Oct, 2015 6:44 pm

FARIDABAD – Two children from a Dalit family were burnt alive and their parents suffered injuries after their home in a Haryana village about 40 km from the national capital, was set ablaze on Monday night, reported 92 News.

Jitender, father of the children, has alleged that members of the upper caste Thakur community, with whom they had a long-running quarrel, attacked the family at about 2am.

“We were sleeping when they poured petrol from the window. I smelt the petrol and tried to wake up my wife but by then the fire had started. My children died in the fire,” said Jitender, while sobbing.

His wife Rekha is in a hospital in Delhi with 70 per cent burns. His son two-and-a-half year old son Vaibhav and daughter Divya, 11 months old, were killed instantly.

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