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Hope PM won’t make a U-turn from his speech at UNGA: Ahsan Iqbal

Hope PM won’t make a U-turn from his speech at UNGA: Ahsan Iqbal
September 28, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) – PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal said that they hope that Prime Minister Imran Khan will not make a U-turn from his speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Reacting to his speech on Saturday, there is need for good diplomacy with a good speech for the resolution of the Kashmir dispute. “There was no good diplomacy during the last 50 days,” he said. Ahsan Iqbal said that PM Imran Khan had given an excellent lecture on New Pakistan in 2011, but later made U-turns at each point. He said that Imran Khan wasted 50 days with regard to Kashmir. “Those claiming the support of 58 countries could not muster 16 votes and could not summon a meeting of the OIC,” he said. “The Kashmir dispute cannot be resolved without strong diplomatic pressure.” The PML-N leader said that spray could not be conducted after removal of the local bodies representatives. “Over 60,000 LB representatives have been removed, but the case is not being tried in the Lahore High Court,” he said. He appealed to the LHC chief justice to take notice of the matter and declare the illegal step by the PTI government. Ahsan Iqbal said that progress made during their tenure had been reversed. “Inflation has increased manifold during one year,” he said. “India is making full preparations. But the government has affected the preparations of the armed forces as well.” He said that economy is deteriorating day by day. “We want to bring the country out of quagmire and ensure the continuity of democracy,” he added. About the Azadi March, the PML-N leader said that the party has decided to participate in the march. “We will also try to convince other parties to participate in the Azadi March,” he maintained.
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