Sunday, June 13, 2021
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If PTI forms govt again, country will go up even faster: PM

If PTI forms govt again, country will go up even faster: PM
June 1, 2021

ZIARAT (92 News) - Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan said on Monday that if the PTI forms a government again, then the country will go up even faster.

Addressing during a ceremony at the Quaid-e-Azam House, Ziarat, the prime minister said that the country has come out of the bad times and is now moving towards economic progress.

"The country's economic growth rate would catch pace next year, as the government prepares to present the budget for the upcoming fiscal year — 2021-22. It would focus more on Balochistan and invest in development projects," he added.

Pity for opposition

"I am worried, whether they will remain as an alliance or not," he said, Criticizing the PDM - which faced a setback after PPP and ANP left it.

"The opposition is in trouble. He also feel pity for the opposition, sometimes they say they will overthrow the government in three months and sometimes give another date," he added.

"Our opponents have created hue and cry .... even when PTI had formed the government in 2018, our opponents said that we were bound to fail. The Opposition kept reiterating that the country's economy would suffer, but now, when the growth rate's statistics were made public, they rejected them," he maintained.

Package of worth Rs 700bn for development of Balochistan

Imran Khan further said that the government is pursuing a policy of inclusive development, particularly focusing on less developed areas to bring them at par with other parts of the country. He mentioned that Balochistan, interior Sindh, merged districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Southern Punjab were ignored in the past.

He said the federal government gave a package of worth 700 billion rupees for the development of Balochistan and is going to announce another package for roads and highways. He said it is unfortunate that even the funds allocated for Balochistan in the past were misappropriated.  

"Balochistan is a large province, so developing streets here is quite expensive .... Pakistan's development will actually take place when the entire country develops," he said.

The prime minster said the PTI government considers Balochistan as its own, which had never happened in the past. "For the first time in history, money is being spent on development work in Balochistan."

"The government provided funds to Balochistan despite financial constraints, according to the prime minister. The country has now been steered out of difficult times."