India citizenship legislation is violation of human rights, bilateral pacts with Pakistan: PM

Khushwant Singh, foresaw, India, racial supremacist, ideology, PM
10 Dec, 2019 11:36 am

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has strongly condemned the Indian Lok Sabha citizenship legislation, saying it violates all norms of international human rights law and bilateral agreements with Pakistan.

In a message on Twitter on Tuesday, he said: “It is part of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ‘Hindu Rashtra’ design of expansionism propagated by the fascist Modi government.

In a statement, Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal strongly condemned the latest discriminatory legislation in Indian Lok Sabha, describing it as a glaring attempt by New Delhi to interfere in the neighboring countries with malafide intent.

He said that the latest legislation by Indian Lok Sabha that offers Indian nationality to the nationals of Pakistan and two other South Asian countries except Muslims is premised on a falsehood and is in complete violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international covenants on elimination of all forms of discrimination based on religion or belief.

The spokesperson said the latest legislation is another major step towards the realization of the concept of ‘Hindu Rashtra,’ idealized and relentlessly pursued by the right-wing Hindu leaders for several decades.

Dr Muhammad Faisal said the Indian legislation has also, once again, exposed the hollowness of the claims to secularism and democracy.

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