Indian forces start brutal violence against citizens of IoK: Shehla Rashid

violence indian forces Kashmiri leader Shehla Rashid Australian journalist CJ Werleman
19 Aug, 2019 12:25 pm

SRINAGAR (92 News) – Kashmiri leader Shehla Rashid has said that Indian Army has unleashed a new chapter of brutal violence against the citizens of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

In a tweet, she said four Kashmiris were taken into an Army camp in Shopian district where they were tortured.

Shehla Rashid said a mike was kept close to them so that people in the entire area could hear them screaming. She said its aim was to spread fear in the area.

Australian journalist exposes Indian brutalities in IoK

A renowned Australian journalist CJ Werleman has released the gruesome statistics of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK), saying that an Indian soldier has been deployed on every 10 Kashmiris in the occupied valley.

In a Twitter thread titled “Life under Indian Occupation in Kashmir”, CJ Werleman explained how the Kashmiris are outnumbered by Indian troops and also shared the facts about unmarked graves, incident of sexual violence committed by armed personnel and some other gruesome details.

It is pertinent to mention here that international media outlets have also criticized the human rights violation in IoK by BJP-led Narendra Modi government.

The Australian journalist exposed Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and how the Kashmiris are outnumbered by Indian troops and also shared the facts about unmarked graves.

He said that more than 6,000 unmarked mass graves discovered and more than 80,000 children are orphaned.

It was also reported that more than seven thousands Kashmiris under custody of the Indian forces have been martyred.

In Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK), the authorities continue to impose strict curfew, communication blackout and other restrictions across the Kashmir valley and at least five districts of Jammu region on the 15th consecutive day, today.

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