Indian NSA Ajit Doval planning Daesh-TTP nexus

09 Oct, 2016 11:30 am

LANDI KOTAL (92 News) – India’s National Security Adviser Ajit Kumar Doval has selected to move on a very deadly path of destruction and devastation not only in the region but across India as well. He is leading the unholy nexus of Hindu extremist militants.

According to British media report, he has established a special liaison with the militant warlords of Syria and Iraq based Daesh. He is re-engaging the deeply wounded network of Pakistani Taliban, establishing their nexus with Daesh to put Pakistan in more troubled waters.

According to the report, the recent announcement by, on the run, Pakistani Taliban about supporting Daesh in Syria and Iraq and bid to motivate Pakistani youth for the purpose has not come merely out of nowhere but in fact it has deep roots with New Delhi.

The report indicate that India’s NSA who is also the former Chief of India’s Intelligence Bureau and headed a variety of IB’s foreign operations in the region and even beyond regional ambits, carried out a series of open and secret visits to Iraq and Syria in the past few months.

In a recent media interview, Syria’s Ambassador to India, Riad Kamel Abbas said, without realizing that the data, he and his government shared with India, was actually attained by Indians to establish fresh links with Daesh fighters. Purposely, to bring them to the focal point of collaborating with Pakistani Taliban, who were deeply hurt and massively destroyed in Pakistan army’s mega anti-terror operation, code named “Operation Zarb-e-Azb”.

The report indicate that a meeting in this regard between certain Daesh leaders and TTP’s Afghanistan based leader Mullah Fazalullah was organized by Doval through Indian Consulate in Kandahar. The Investigations reveal that for the said meeting Daesh participants traveled to Kandahar by road from Iraq via Iran while Fazalullah and his team were specially flown to India’s Kandahar Consulate from Nuristan area of Afghanistan where he is running a proper military base of TTP.

Remarks made by US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in 2013 in which he clearly stated that India has been exporting and financing terrorism in Pakistan clearly indicate that he was very much aware of the terror operations organized by Indian officials, Ajit Doval, Sanjeev Tripathi, B Raman etc. Hagel said “India has over the years financed problems for Pakistan on that side of the border, and you can carry that into many dimensions.”

Indian NSA scripted Gujrat’s massacre of Muslims in 2002 under Modi’s Chief Ministry and the current wave of military hostilities on LoC and along the working boundary by Indian army, under the newly implemented National Security Policy by NSA Ajit Doval is also part of the same Hindutva philosophy. The report indicate that the Hazrat Bal plan was jointly conceived by B Raman and Ajit Doval as Raman had mastered in creating fake freedom fighting groups during his handling of Khalistan freedom struggle by the Sikh community of India.

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