Influenza death toll rises to 21 in Multan

12 Jan, 2018 3:01 pm

MULTAN (92 News) – The death toll of seasonal influenza cases in Multan has risen to 21 on Friday, with the death of two more patients who tested positive of influenza virus.

Two more people who were tested positive was of influenza virus and were admitted to the health facility in critical condition. On Friday, they died in the Nishtar Hospital and the death toll rose to 21 at the Nishtar Hospital.

Up till now, 104 suspected patients have been tested for influenza, said the Punjab Health Department spokesperson in Multan, adding that at least 47 cases have been confirmed for the disease.

According to local reports, at least four doctors were among the increasing number of the cases, creating fear among the administration of hospitals as the disease is rapidly spreading across the metropolis.

Medical practitioners have advised the residents to take precautionary measures and also urged them to ensure their proper checkup for timely identification of the disease.

Earlier last week, a four-member team from the World Health Organisation and National Institute of Health arrived in Multan to monitor seasonal influenza cases at the city’s Nishtar Hospital.

Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif took notice of the spread of influenza and issued directives that all possible measures for the prevention of influenza should be taken. He also advised the relevant authorities to organize awareness campaign regarding the illness.

Seasonal influenza, commonly known as flu, usually spreads through contact with the bacteria discharged by an infected person’s coughing and sneezing. According to health experts, children, elders and pregnant women are at higher risk of contracting the disease.



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