Inquiry against politicians sabotaged by calling meetings: NAB chairman

NAB chairman NAB National Accountability Bureau FATF grey list meetings Javed Iqbal chairman
19 May, 2019 3:47 pm

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman Justice (r) Javed Iqbal said on Sunday that when the corrupt politicians were arrested, the investigation against them is sabotaged by calling meetings and committees.

While addressing a press conference in Islamabad here today, the NAB chairman said that a correct inquiry is not done against public representatives. “I am neither an economist nor a politician. “If we ask any question than how would it cause loss, but complete silence is seen instead of answering it,” Javed Iqbal said.

“Why NAB should not question [in the cases] where Rs5 million is spent instead of estimated Rs0.5 million? I cannot accept that questioning someone will cause damage to the individual’s self-respect. NAB and economy are going together and it will be,” he added.

NAB is not responsible for economic crisis

“The current economic crisis is not a government crisis, but a national crisis. When there is a national crisis, every man has the right to express his opinion,” Javed Iqbal termed.

“What is link of the corruption watchdog body with the value of dollars and International Monetary Fund (IMF),”he said, asking does the prices of dollar increased due to the anti-graft institution.

“NAB is not responsible for the economic crisis. For the past few days, it is being said that NAB has been behind the economic crisis in the country. What has NAB to do with dollar’s increasing value,” he asked.

“Democracy is never under danger because of accountability. Democracy comes under damage because of actions,” he mentioned.

NAB has never under any influence

Javed Iqbal said the institution will take steps that are in the interest of the country and that NAB has never under been under any influence.

Iqbal further said that government’s keep changing, country is forever. “Whatever is in the interest of the country will be done. NAB is connected to the state not the government. Those days are long gone when there was no interrogation. There is no question of taking dictation from the government,” he added.

NAB will not summon any businessman

Javed Iqbal assured the NAB will not summon any trader and businessman.

“We will not summon any trader to the NAB office now, but a questionnaire will be given [to the accused person]. Traders can continue their business activities without any fear. Those people, who are facing corruption charges, paid millions to their lawyers.”

He explained that the business community has praised the performance of the institution in their letters.” “If someone has any grievances they should inform me,” he said.  “We have never interfered in the telegraph transfer of the business community,” the chairman maintained.

NAB and corruption cannot go together

Javed Iqbal has strongly rejected allegations of creating hurdles for the national economy, saying that the anti-corruption watchdog and corruption cannot go together.

Iqbal said that the institution has not taken any step which causes damages to the national economy and it has no role in the deteriorated financial situation of the country.

Pakistan is on FATF’s grey list due to money laundering

Commenting on the grey list, the NAB chairman said that money laundering is one of the reasons why Pakistan is on the FATF’s grey list. “When Pakistan’s issue is on the international level, NAB will not care about these few people. The blame game is one thing, but the interest of the country is another thing.”

“NAB will always give importance to the interest of the country. We have to get Pakistan out of the grey list and to make Pakistan’s image better on an international level,” he asserted.

NAB chief vows not to end accountability process against corrupts

“I started my life from the judiciary and my entire career is an open book,” he said. “Investigations into money laundering [cases] are continued and it will be,” clarified NAB chairman.

He further elaborated that the mega corruption cases would be concluded to the logical end.

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