Interior Minister Ch Nisar says Imran Khan wasting time of nation, government & opposition

14 Oct, 2015 7:30 pm

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Interior Minister Ch Nisar has said that Imran Khan is wasting the time of the nation, the government and the opposition.

Talking to the media on Wednesday, he said that it was not in the interest of the PTI and Pakistan to indulge in conflict and quarrel.

He said that no vote had been transferred. “The NADRA should be kept away from politics. Foreign elements want to weaken Pakistan,” he maintained.

He said that better arrangements had been made for Muharram as compared to the past.

The minister said that 10,000 security personnel, including armymen and civilians, would be deployed to maintain law and order during the holy month.

He said that only 780 votes were transferred in 2015. “The NADRA is an institution of the PML-N. The PTI accuses the NADRA if a thorn pinches it,” he added.

He said that it was stated without any investigation that the prime minister is going to America and the tour will cost Rs 250 million.

“There should not be a variation in the words of a politician. I do not accept a person hitting fours and sixes as a politician. Such person could only be a cricketer, not a politician,” he said.

Ch Nisar said that the Interior Ministry is not subservient to the Defense Ministry. “The Interior Ministry is directly related to the army. A rapid development has been made in the EOBI case,” he said.

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