Isolating Pakistan diplomatically is India’s policy: FM

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10 Mar, 2019 7:46 pm

MULTAN (92 News) – Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said on Sunday that India wants to isolate Pakistan diplomatically in every forum.

Addressing a ceremony in Multan, FM Qureshi said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that isolating Pakistan diplomatically is their country’s policy. He also termed that Pakistan’s relations in international forum has been improved within previous six months.

Modi might do a misadventure as an election gimmick

To a question about the ongoing tensions with India, the foreign minister said that the issue has not subsided completely and the ties are still strained. He added that India blames Pakistan without any evidence whenever any unwanted incident happens.

“New Delhi tried to degrade Pakistan in every forum but failed to do so,” he said. “In the coming days there are more tests,” he added. He said that it is feared that Modi might do a misadventure as an election gimmick. “If you raise your hand for friendship then we will hold it if your show us fist for war then we will break it,” he said.

Improving ties with the US is in Pakistan’s favour: FM

Shah Mehmood Qureshi mentioned that Pakistan and US relation will take a new turn. He also said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was pronounced by ‘Taliban Khan’ but today he was being commended by the US.

The foreign minister said that improving ties with the US is in Pakistan’s favour and President Donald Trump has also acknowledged the government’s peace efforts.

India, Bangladesh held SAARC hostage

FM Qureshi stated that India and Bangladesh held South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) hostage. He said the spirits of people are exactly like 1965 and the change has started coming.

Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan

The FM said that Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan and PM Imran always said that the Afghan issue can be resolved through negotiation.

“The war in Afghanistan which has been continuing for 17 years has damaged Pakistan, and peace in Afghanistan will benefit Pakistan the most. There are terrorists’ hideouts in Afghanistan and the militants enter Pakistan to conduct terror attacks. Afghanistan always blames Pakistan for its own problems,” he explained.

CPEC project is in no danger

The FM said that Pakistan has signed China Pakistan Economic Corridor agreement with China, adding that the contract has gone onto the next phase. He also said that the CPEC project is in no danger.

Pakistan is calling for peace, Modi beating drums of war: FM

Earlier, Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that Pakistan is calling for peace but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is beating the drums of war.

Addressing a public gathering in Chachro in Insaf Health Cards programme ceremony, FM Qureshi said that while Pakistan is calling for peace, the Narendra Modi is beating the drums of war and aggression.

He said that Pakistan returned the Indian pilot Ahinanadan to India as agoodwill gesture but India sent the dead body of Pakistani national Shakirullah, who was killed in an Indian jail.

“If India extends the hand of peace and friendship, we will cordially accept it but if it thinks of aggression, we will give a befitting response,” FM Qureshi said.

He said the people of Pakistan know how to defend their motherland. He said today’s Pakistan is not that of 1971 but a changed Pakistan led by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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