Jordan’s Queen criticizes satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo over Aylan Kurdi cartoon

18 Jan, 2016 2:25 pm

AMMAN (92 News) – Queen Rania of Jordan has strongly criticized the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo over the publication of a cartoon depicting the drowned Syrian child Aylan Kurdi as a sexual molester.

The cartoon shows a man chasing a woman, with the caption asking: “What would have become of small Aylan if he grew up?” “Someone who gropes asses in Germany,” it added, referring to the multiple acts of sexual assault blamed on migrants on New Year’s Eve.

Rania expressed her shock by working with Jordanian cartoonist Osama Hajjaj to draw Kurdi as a successful member of society, in the uniform of a doctor.

In response Queen Rania posted a cartoon on Facebook and Twitter by Jordan’s Osama Hajjaj depicting the little boy lying face down on the beach alongside an older child with a backpack and finally a doctor.

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