Karachi heatwave death toll rises to 970; morgues have no more space to store corpses

25 Jun, 2015 12:55 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – Karachi heatwave death toll rose to over 970 with more than 230 deaths reported on Wednesday by government and private hospitals alone, with morgues running short of storage space for corpses.

As per officials records, more than 40,000 people suffered heatstroke in the metropolis and its adjoining areas, while 311 people died. “The number of patients arriving in hospitals has significantly dropped with the weather getting better,” they said, while adding that there still are thousands of patients being treated in different health facilities.

People, youths in particular, continued to donate medicines, juices and bottled water to patients as well as hospitals.

More than 970  of the 40,000 heatstroke victims in city have died since the start of Ramazan in Karachi alone.


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