Kashmiri student tortured, tied to pole by extremist Hindus in Rajasthan

Kashmiri, student, tortured, pole, extremist, Hindus, Rajasthan
05 Sep, 2019 6:12 pm

JAIPUR (92 News) – A Kashmiri student was tortured and tied to a pole after being forced to wear women’s dress by a mob of extremist Hindus in Alwar, Rajhastan on Wednesday.

According to media reports, the victim identified as Mir Faiz is a resident of IOK’s Baramullah and a student of engineering at the School of Aeronautics in Neemrana.

On Wednesday evening, Faiz had gone out to withdraw some cash from the ATM where some men abducted him outside his college campus. They took him to an isolated place and took off his clothes. They forced him to wear women’s clothes and compelled him to walk into the market, saying that they would kill him otherwise.

He walked a little and then to save himself, entered an ATM booth but soon after, about 20 unknown men pulled him out and thrashed him in the open market.

His brother told the media that Faiz was severely injured but he was not medically examined. “Faiz told me that he could not even hear with his left ear when the police was questioning him. The police investigated him twice and even confiscated his mobile phone. We are not able to understand why we are being treated as culprits here,” he said.


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